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Hans-Ewald Reinert

Our Reinert Bärchen brand

WOW - 25 years of Reinert Bärchen. It was over 25 years ago when Hans-Ewald Reinert first thought up the Reinert Bärchen-Wurst for his own children. Since then we have continuously expanded the strict quality standards. All children's sausage products in our Reinert Bärchen product assortment are constantly updated and are in line nutritionally. With their premium-quality recipes, our products are part of a balanced nutrition for children. And you can count on our other promises of quality!

Our quality

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Our Reinert Bärchen products comprise meats of continuously controlled top quality only.
Our mild recipes are specifically tailored to the taste preferences of children.
We do not use unnecessary additives such as dyes and flavoring agents, flavor enhancers, and yeast extracts—in any of our Reinert Bärchen products.
All Reinert Bärchen products are lactose-free.

Our story

We first met the little bear with the friendly laugh in 1998 when Hans-Ewald Reinert invented Reinert Bärchen-Wurst for his own children. Since then, it has taken our hearts by storm. It wasn't long before many caring parents discovered the quality of the Reinert Bärchen brand, and over time the little bear became a friend to families all over the world. "Just like my daughter and sons, our little bear seems to be growing up," remarks Hans-Ewald Reinert. And he is right. These days, not only children or families enjoy our Reinert Bärchen products. The extraordinary quality of Reinert Bärchen products simply tastes good, no matter your age.

Our history

Reinert Bärchen-Wurst launch

Hans-Ewald Reinert lays the foundation for the success of the Reinert Bärchen brand by launching our first product, Reinert Bärchen-Wurst, in Germany. Back then without a face, but already in our distinctive bear-shaped form and simple rectangular packaging. It remains our No. 1 product today and is now available in many countries around the world.

Putting a face on it

Our Reinert Bärchen-Wurst gets its legendary bear face.

Reinert Bärchen-Streich launch

Launch of our second Reinert Bärchen product increases the success of our brand. Our creamy spread made of premium pork and turkey for big and small Bärchen fans remains to this day one of our most popular Reinert Bärchen products.

First TV commercial

Our Reinert Bärchen-Wurst has its TV debut in Germany.

Kind mit Baerchen-Wurst
Reinert Bärchen-Salami launch

A mild salami for discerning connoisseurs young and old. A premium-quality raw sausage made of top-notch pork. In our unique bear-shaped form—and just like you've come to expect from Reinert Bärchen: made without flavor enhancers, dyes, and flavoring agents.

Introduction of new contour packaging in the shape of a bear

The bear sausage is given a bear shaped packaging to match its typical shape.

Reinert Bärchen-SchlaWiener launch

Six tender wieners with natural casing, tailored to the taste preferences of children.

Reinert Bärchen-Bratwurst launch

Now Reinert Bärchen finally has something for the BBQ! Our child-friendly, fine-aromatic bratwurst for big and small is a must-have at any grilling event.

Reinert Bärchen-Geflügel-Wurst launch

Reinert Reinert Bärchen launches its first product, made with 100 % poultry. Reinert Bärchen-Wurst with the friendly face is now available in the orange package as an alternative for everyone who doesn't eat pork.

Sponsoring Joelle Steur

We tag along on Joëlle Steur's professional tennis career starting in 2019.

Joëlle Steur
Introducing Reinert Bärchen Poultry Spread

After the successful launch of the first product made from 100 % poultry (Reinert Bärchen-Geflügel-Wurst in 2018), the range is expanded by the addition of a creamy spread made from turkey and chicken.

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Bärchen and his new friends

Bärchen made three new great friends: Didi, Hugo and Holli.

Go-live of the new Reinert Bärchen website

On the new website you can get to know Bärchen, his new friends and their world - including their multistorey tree house for younger fans and information about the products and brand for the grownups.

SEO Reinert Baerchen Website Relaunch 2020
Introducing Reinert Bärchen Poultry Sausages

Introduction of Reinert Bärchen poultry sausages made from 100 % poultry.

Broadcast of the new Reinert Bärchen TV ad

New ad, new fun. Once again, Bärchen and his friends master an adventure by working together as a team and sharing their delicious Bärchen snacks.